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Suzana Marjanić:

Čarovniška zoopsihonavigacija in astralna metla v svetovih hrvaških legend kot (mogoči) aspekti šamanistične tehnike ekstaze (in transa)


I shall attempt to interpret witches' zoopsychonavigations in the worlds of Croatian legends as (possible) aspects of shamanistic techniques of ecstasy (and trance), in the framework of which I shall be trying to designate the concept of zoopsychonavigation as the border of permeation between shamanistic ecstatic experiences and the witches' experience of lethargy. In addition to the above concept of zoopsychonavigation, I establish equally possible contacts between witchcraft and shamanism on the basis of the mythem about the mutual agon between shamans as well as between witches, the distinctive features of their birth (for example, their birth in a caul), the axis mundi topos - the mythic geography of mountains and trees (the parallelism between the shamanistic tree and the fairies' tree), the use of hallucinogenic plants that have been noted in the practices mentioned, as well as the light-enhanced hypostases of the witches' bodies in the context of Eliade's attribution of the shaman as "a master over fire".

Celotno besedilo (pdf)


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