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Boris Čok:

Description of the pagan ritual in the Triglavca rock shelter near Divača village


The paper describes a Slav pagan ritual of fertility, which took place in the rock shelter of Triglavca near Divača. It was being performed by individual families from the village of Prelože pri Lokvi until the end of the 1830s. The event took place in autumn. It was led by a head, a sort of a holy man, accompanied by four young priestesses in white linen dresses. The essential element of the ceremony was the ritual entreaty of either the mythological being deva or the divinity Deva to protect the crop on the fields in the forthcoming year from the evil female demon of mora. The ritual was probably forcibly terminated. In fact, at the time when the ritual was recorded according to the account by the granddaughter of the last priestess and the granddaughter of a possible priestess, in the 1970s, the fear of disclosure of a pagan secret within a catholic milieu was still much alive.

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